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One clear goal, exceeding everyone’s earphone expectations in performance and quality

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Amazing sound quality.

The T5 Ultra Connect features our custom-made bespoke Titanium-coated diaphragm & voice coil drivers. You’ve not heard anything like this. 

Enhance & change your sound.

Silver = Increases bass response. Our silver filter lifts the lows in your music and provides more oomph to bass notes without taking over the rest of the sound signature.

Black = Increases treble response. Our black filter brings added detail to the high notes in your music by increasing the treble response.

Gold = Our natural filter. This option keeps both the bass and treble in control, without letting either colour your music too much.

T5 Ultra Connect
  • Sleek Design

    The T5 Ultra Connect are made from aircraft grade aluminium making them lightweight yet powerful. As a result our wireless earphones blend high-end looks with long-lasting durability to provide a modern, sleek look and feel.

  • Your music, your way

    With 11+ hours of playtime, along with HD music and BT 5.0, the T5 Ultra Connect includes 3 tuning filters. Whether you want more bass, a clearer high-end or a balanced signature, our tuning filters deliver a flexible sound signature just for you.

  • Stay connected

    Never miss a call whether you’re at the gym or listening to your favourite tunes. Featuring a builtin universal microphone the T5 Ultra Connect takes your calls with a click of a button whether you’re at the gym or listening to your favourite music.

  • Sweatproof

    Perfect for the gym or your routine run, the IPX5 protection in the T5 Ultra Connect keep them safe from sweat and downpours no matter where you are.

Lightweight & durable design.

A fresh new design for our new wireless product, the T5 Ultra Connect combine strong, aircraft grade aluminium with a sleek, modern brushed effect. Combined with a comfortable and universal design, these earphones are the pinnacle of Rock Jaw’s British Engineering and design ethos, delivering a truly amazing product with looks to match.

Listen all day, everyday.

Enjoy high-quality audio with the T5 Ultra Connect all day, thanks to the long-lasting battery we have engineered exclusively for our wireless product.

The T5 Ultra Connect provides 11+ hours of listening time from a single charge, allowing you to listen with confidence.

Take control.

The T5 Ultra Connect features a simple three-button layout. Easy-to-use and convenient, with a click of a button you can pause, skip or answer an incoming call. Whether you need to ask Google or Siri a question, skip an unwanted song or redial your last call, it’s just a click away.

T5 Ultra Connect eartips

Our specifically designed silicone eartips help to provide a complete listening experience.

Sound, technology & life.

As a family audio brand, we do not compromise. We do everything ethically and correctly. You can be sure the products we manufacture are always of the highest standards in all areas.

Our products are built to transform the way you interact with sound, technology & life. We use functional forward design techniques and high-quality premium materials to create our innovative earphones.