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Dynamic vs Hybrid: Why the Resonate is Different

Dynamic vs Hybrid: Why the Resonate is Different

 The vast majority of in-ear headphones on the market are single-driver, dynamic affairs. This is the norm when it comes to lower-end, more affordable earphones, but dynamic drivers are often used in high-end, expensive earphones, too. To discover the difference between a Dynamic and Hybrid in-ear headphone, we need to outline two different technologies; Dynamic and Balanced Armature drivers. 

Dynamic drivers, also known as "moving coil drivers" are similar to the sort of drivers you have in your Hi-Fi, Bluetooth speaker or soundbar setups at home. These drivers use diaphragms, similar to the cones in a Hi-Fi speaker, with a voice coil attached directly to them, a charge is applied to the voice coil and the diaphragm moves, moving air and in turn, creating sound. Dynamic drivers have been so successful and become so commonplace due to the fact that they sound nice and natural, and offer a decent bass response, which is often important for today's listener. 

Balanced Armature drivers, however, are a different beast altogether. These feature a coil wrapped around an armature, which moves thousands of times a second thanks to being suspended between two magnets with variable charges changing the attraction to these magnets. Balanced Armatures are used on their own in many in-ear headphones purely because they offer much more detail than a Dynamic driver, providing a crisper sound in general. While Balanced Armature drivers might have the detail, they don't have the punch and natural sound of Dynamic drivers. 

This all brings us to the Resonate, which is what the industry refers to as a Hybrid earphone design. Called Hybrid because it pairs a Dynamic and a Balanced Armature together, the Resonate is a step above most common earphones out there. This all means that the Resonate uses two drivers to deliver its well-received sound signature. Multi-drivers like the Resonate do exist with more than just two drivers, going all the way up to eight or more in a single earphone, but given the price of the Resonate we stuck with the two to make sure that no one frequency overpowered another and we delivered a detailed sound that still had all of the warmth and bass most people look out for. 

Hopefully, this has opened your eyes to the world of earphone technology as well as what makes the Resonate a Hybrid and therefore different!