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How the T5 Ultra Connect is a Perfect Travel Companion

Here at Rock Jaw Audio, we've always made products that make listening to your favourite music on the go easy and enjoyable. With our new wireless product, the T5 Ultra Connect, we took this to a new level. Not only is the T5 Ultra Connect a Bluetooth product and a lot more mobile as a result, but the design of the earphones themselves make them an easy, enjoyable and convenient choice for travelling. 

Over the summer, many of us take time out to travel and whether or not that’s overseas, having the right soundtrack can make all the difference. A long flight can be tedious without any entertainment, and while wired earphones are great, these days many of us need a dongle. With the T5 Ultra Connect, there’s no need for any easily lost dongles and there’s no cable to get wrapped around your luggage or get yanked out of your ear. Instead, there’s one single cable that joins the two earbuds together, which rests gently around the neck making the T5 Ultra Connect comfortable and convenient. Bluetooth makes it nice an easy to listen to your favourite tunes, catch up on your latest TV binge or just catch up on some YouTube without any wires or troublesome dongles. Air travel can be a noisy business, and we often pump up the volume to drive out that external noise, but thanks to the included Comply foam ear tips, there’s no need to damage your hearing. The T5 Ultra Connect, when used with the included Comply foam tips, drown out a lot more ambient noise thanks to their superior isolation, allowing you to better focus on your content, without raising the volume too much.

Packing up the T5 Ultra Connect to come with you on your adventures is super-easy, too. The earbuds snap together magnetically and the included lightweight travel pouch makes for a compact and convenient package that’s easily packed away in your bag or pocket. Perfect for the journey, the T5 Ultra Connect are also perfect for the active listener. Keeping wires out of the way, and letting you enjoy every moment of your music, the T5 Ultra Connect are the perfect travel companion whether it’s business or pleasure.