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How to style your clothes with your earphones

How to style your clothes with your earphones

There are many questions when it comes to styling your clothing with your earphones, under your clothes or over your clothes? With so many colours and styles to choose from, it can be a nightmare! But not to worry because here at The Idle Man we’ve rounded up our favourite styles to pair your earphones with.

When opting for a smart outfit, like formal suits, we’d always recommend earphones with a sleek look. Stick to block colours for your suits, and neutral colours for your earphones so nothing like lime green or pink. We recommend a pair of straight black earphones for black, navy and dark suits. Match with an overcoat or a cotton jumper to complete the look. For lighter suits and summery smart outfits, a pair of white earphones would complement the light colours better.

If you’re someone who doesn’t enjoy sticking to the formal side, then opt for a casual look. Wearing a plain white t-shirt with slim fit chinos and a pair of clean trainers is a relaxed yet classic outfit. We’d suggest using white earphones to compliment your look, which should be worn under your t-shirt to keep the minimalistic aesthetic of the t-shirt in tact. Stay warm with a parka or a bomber jacket for those wintry days.

Whether you’re going to a dinner or an event with some friends, we’ve perfected the cosiest yet clean smart casual look that you can stick to. We propose wearing a smart oxford shirt with slim black jeans or chinos paired with some polished chelsea boots or clean trainers. If your shoes aren’t clean it can make your whole outfit look messy so make sure you’ve shined your shoes! No one likes a quiet journey, so we recommend buying the Alfa Genus V2 earphones allowing you to have a swift commute whilst listening to all your favourite tracks in some of the best sound quality available. There's a chance to win a pair of the Alfa Genus V2 earphones by clicking here!

There you have it folks! The best way to style your earphones so you can achieve a really co-ordinated look when you’re out and about. These are just some healthy handy tips to live by, by all means you’re welcome to experiment with your earphones and mix and match. A final tip is make sure to buy a good quality pair to last you a long time - there’s nothing worse than a shoddy pair of earphones ruining your favourite music!

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