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Rock Jaw Audio

How We Offer Such Good Value

When shopping for earphones it can be pretty difficult to figure out just why one brand is more expensive than another, especially when the more expensive products appear to offer less. Rock Jaw Audio has always wanted to ensure consumers can get excellent and high-quality earphones, without having to pay high prices. Many people have wondered how a British company like ourselves continue to offer excellent value, without sacrificing on quality and the excellent sound that our customers enjoy.

One of the bigger reasons why our products remain affordable is that we have a modern and streamlined structure to the way we operate. We maintain close relationships with our distributors, have an excellent presence on Amazon, and still allow customers to purchase direct through us. It’s a different world out there today, and where other companies might have more stock than they need lying around, we never stretch ourselves too thin, and make sure we pass on whatever savings we get from being a lean operation on to our customers.

We want to make sure that it’s super-easy to purchase a pair of Rock Jaw earphones, which in turn means that we sell more, and therefore don’t need to charge as much per unit. After all, it’s no good making a huge profit on each item if customers find it confusing to purchase said item. Purchasing from Amazon, in stores or direct from ourselves is all super-easy and everything you need – including our excellent tuning filter system – is included in the box, making each and every purchase a smooth and easy transaction for both ourselves, and more importantly, the customer.

While our products are affordable, pairs like the Resonate and Alfa Genus are made from premium Aircraft grade aluminium making them long-lasting and durable. We wouldn’t ever sell something that we weren’t happy with, and we’re extremely proud and happy to be able to offer products like the Resonate at an excellent price that delivers a best-in-class sound signature as well as offering more for the end user.

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