How We Take Care of our Customers with Our Great Warranty

How We Take Care of our Customers with Our Great Warranty

As a British company that services customers not only at home but all over the world, we're not only proud to sell our great earphones, but also support our customers through our excellent warranty. Despite our great prices, we understand that it's important to have some sort of support in place should something go wrong. We support our products through an excellent warranty as well as trying our best to prevent issues happening through our designs, too. 

Where possible, we think of weak points in the design and cover them. Starting with our filter system, it not only helps to adapt the sound to someone's liking, but it also helps to keep the earphones from getting clogged up with dirt and dust. If the green filter for your Alfa Genus V2 is your favourite, and it gets dirty affecting performance, you can just get in touch and we'll replace it for you. With our latest product, the high-end Rock Jaw Resonate, we introduced detachable cables, which not only extends the life of the product, but also adds in another layer of customisation, too. Should someone need a new cable due it to failing, we can simply send out a replacement cable, rather than a completely new product. 

Our warranty covers design flaws and failures, for instance a loose connection or a piece of the hardware falling away through general wear and tear. Unlike a lot of earphone companies that are hard to get hold of in these situations, we're just a phone call or email away. When a customer does need to get in touch with us, they'll be talking directly with us, the company that sold them the product in the first place, we do not outsource our customer service. Our warranty and willingness to take care of our customers is just one more reason to buy from Rock Jaw with confidence.