Spotlight On: Rock Jaw Clarito

Spotlight On: Rock Jaw Clarito

Rock Jaw Audio has always been about offering not only a great mix of products, but also being able to offer excellent sound quality without breaking bank. As the brand evolved over time, the Rock Jaw Audio lineup has become one that hits all price points and appeals to all kind of listeners. Throughout this month, the Rock Jaw Audio Blog has gone over our Summer 2017 lineup, and gone over each product in detail. Rounding things out this week is the Rock Jaw Audio Clarito.

Launched last year as a more affordable alternative, the Clarito is a pair that will offer users an instant upgrade over the pair that came with their devices. Smartphones often ship with a pair of fairly inadequate earphones, but purchasing a better pair can often be costly and confusing. The Clarito makes this ordeal super simple, by offering a pair of earphones that sound great, and are very affordable. Packed with the same excellent range of ear buds that other products like the Alfa Genus V2 are, the Clarito is a huge upgrade from what you get in the box with your device. 

Packing an 8mm dynamic driver and a similar design to the Alfa Genus V2 and Resonate, the Clarito are a durable pair to throw in a bag, wear on the daily commute into work and are comfortable enough for longer listening sessions. Despite their price, the Clarito still come with our excellent free next day delivery in the UK will surprise you with their price to performance ratio.