Spotlight On: The Rock Jaw Audio Resonate

In our last blog post, we went over the Rock Jaw Summer 2017 lineup and covered some of the reasons each product stood out on its own. This week, we're going to be taking a closer look at the newest member of the Rock Jaw lineup; the Resonate. 

Launched some time ago now, the Resonate is a product that well and truly punches above its weight. Not only in terms of sound quality delivered, but also in terms of sheer value. Unlike most earphones on shelves, the Resonate has replaceable cables. These help set the Resonate apart by offering customers not only the opportunity to replace a damaged or faulty cable, rather than the entire set of earphones, but it also helps people customise their Resonate. By choosing to use MMCx connectors in the Resonate, we chose an industry standard, which gives Resonate owners access to countless aftermarket options. Whether or not that's customers looking for a different colour, or a higher-quality cable, our latest and greatest model allows for that. 

The Resonate is a pair of earphones that also features a Hybrid driver system. Rather than relying on a single dynamic driver for everything, the Resonate adds a precise Balanced Armature driver. Together, the two drivers work in tandem to deliver a quality sound experience that few other products at this price range can match. With rich and powerful bass, precise and right treble, the Resonate does it all, making sure you don't ever miss a beat in your favourite music. 

Along with the detachable cable and advanced driver configuration, the Resonate also gives users a lot more options when it comes wearing them. The Resonate was designed to be worn either in the ear normally, or with the cable sent up and over the wearer's ear, something many listeners are learning to prefer these days. In the box, there are countless ear tip solutions, too, ranging from standard silicone buds to the more adventurous memory foam tips and flanged tips. 

All-in-all, the Resonate is our most advanced and versatile set of earphones to date, and it's definitely a Summer Essential for 2017. For those looking for more info, or to purchase their own, take a look at the Resonate product page here. 

Spotlight On: The Rock Jaw Audio Resonate