Here at Rock Jaw Audio, we've been creating quality audio products for some time now. We know, however, that having the product isn't enough these days. Consumers expect quick shipping, easy ways to purchase the product and the knowledge that their new item is going to arrive safely. 

When a customer chooses to purchase a Rock Jaw pair of earphones as their next pair (which we're super thankful for!) their order goes through a number of stages. Obviously, the first step is adding the item to your basket and checking out, which by the way is super-secure that's to our choice to use a similar online store to millions of others online. After that, the order is passed to our warehouse team which will select your chosen pair of earphones, check to see that all ear tips and accessories are accounted for, test and package carefully. 

Shipping time varies depending on where in the world you are, although one thing doesn't change; shipping is free worldwide with Rock Jaw Audio. If you're in the UK, we'll provide you with free tracked delivery and if you're outside of the UK we'll send your new pair of earphones to you via recorded international mail. All orders go tracked directly to your door.

Once your new pair of earphones reaches you, what you do with it next is up to you. We hope, however, that you unbox them, plug them in and give your favourite music a listen. Selecting your perfect tuning filter.