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The Rock Jaw Audio Summer 2017 Lineup

The Rock Jaw Audio Summer 2017 Lineup

Here at Rock Jaw Audio  we keep a solid lineup that's tried and tested, while making thoughtful and innovative changes where needed to keep the brand fresh. Choice is something of a double-edged sword, but at Rock Jaw Audio we're pleased to offer a well-defined lineup that offers clear choices. Even so, choosing between best-sellers like the Alfa Genus V2 and the new Resonate can be difficult. We've lots of information on each of the product pages, but for the first time, we're going to go over the Rock Jaw Audio Summer 2017 Lineup in a little more detail. 

The Clarito is our most affordable pair of earphones, but still doesn't sacrifice on sound quality. Designed for those looking to get rid of the bundle earphones that come with most phones and devices, the Clarito punches well above its weight, and are an excellent pair for those looking to move on up in the world of earphones. Lightweight, durable and simple to use the Clarito is the best pair for someone on a budget, but that doesn't want to skimp on quality. Stylish, affordable and a great sounding pair of earphones you can learn more about the Clarito here

Sitting in the middle of our Summer 2017 lineup, a real classic is the Alfa Genus V2. It's the second version of the product that helped to put Rock Jaw on the map and we couldn't be more proud of it. With an 8mm dynamic driver that sounds absolutely excellent, and will remind most listeners of something a lot more expensive. The Alfa Genus V2 features our trademark tuning filters - something that the Clarito doesn't have - and also adds in a wide range of eartips to ensure an excellent seal to help listeners enjoy their favourite music in whatever environment. The Alfa Genus V2 is well-reviewed and has become a hallmark name in the world of portable audio. We're very proud of it, and those looking for more information can check out our product page here

Rounding the Summer 2017 Lineup up is the new kid on the block, the Resonate. We launched our dual-driver Hybrid Resonate back in the beginning of the year and it's been selling well, and is well-reviewed just like the Alfa Genus V2. Unlike the Alfa Genus V2 however, it features both a dynamic driver as well as a balanced armature, offering superior bass response as well as crystal clear highs, the Resonate has the best of everything and offers excellent detail. With a detachable cable, to give listeners flexibility and to improve the lifespan of the product, the Resonate is one of the best products we've ever sold. To find out more, just take a look at our product page here