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We Offer More for Less; Why the Alfa Genus is So Popular

We Offer More for Less; Why the Alfa Genus is So Popular

As we've covered in this blog before, Rock Jaw Audio has always been a brand that focuses on offering excellent value for money. We first started to do just that with the Alfa Genus, a pair of earphones that offered comfort, great sound and above all excellent value. Since then, the range has expanded to include both the Clarito and the Alfa Genus V2, we'll cover the Clarito another time, but where the Clarito is designed for outright value, the Alfa Genus V2 offers that little bit more, without stretching anyone's budget. 

The Alfa Genus V2 took things to another level by offering an upgraded, more durable cable, tweaked aluminium housing for the earphones themselves, as well as our trademark tuning filters. The Alfa Genus V2 offers clarity, warmth and a unique sound signature, all without breaking the bank. We wanted a product that people could buy, plug in and listen to their favourite music without any of the fuss and hassle of more expensive pairs. The Alfa Genus V2 comes with three pairs of silicon eartips, two pairs of memory foam eartips and one pair of the double-flange eartips, as well as our tuning filters. 

We're pretty fond of the Alfa Genus V2, but don't just take our word for it, TechAdvisor loved them, and gave us 4.5 out of 5 stars in their review and Wired US recently featured them in a piece on why British earphones are worth looking at. The Alfa Genus V2 have excellent reviews on Amazon and we're really happy that people love them as much as we do. 

We make the Alfa Genus V2 because we believe in offering a great product regardless of price, and while the Alfa Genus V2 is a humble single Dynamic Driver earphone, versus the Hybrid Driver Resonate we offer, its our best-selling product and it might just surprise you.