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Welcome to the Rock Jaw Audio Blog!

Hi everyone, 

Welcome to our new blog, where we will post news about offers, new products, share some history about the brand and so on. We're a company that's always been focused on customer support, and we want this blog to be one more string to our bow where customer support is concerned. For now, we're going to share a little about ourselves, as well as introduce you to our latest product, the Resonate. 

Rock Jaw Audio, was started close to five years ago, with a focus on making earphones that sounded great, but didn't ask people to empty their wallets to buy a pair. We wanted to challenge the price vs performance ratio, and with products like the Alfa Genus II, which we feel punches well above its weight and has been well-reviewed by the likes of Stuff and co, we feel we've done just that. The JAW in Rock Jaw are my initials, Joe Ashley Watts, and as a part-time Club DJ I've always had a love of good music and a need to hear the music at its finest. Without having the money to buy the finest gear, I found that you didn't need to spend the earth to get something great, and with Rock Jaw Audio, we hope to prove it in the earphone world, too. 

Our latest product, the Resonate, is a Hybrid earphone, consisting of a single dynamic driver - similar to the technology in over-ear headphones - as well as a single balanced armature - a more precise driver technology used in higher-end earphones. Together, the two drivers help deliver lots of bass, an accurate and detailed mid-range and crystal clear highs, all without getting in the way of the Artist's vision. The Resonate ships with a detachable cable, and can be worn with the cable over the ear or straight down the body as normal. It features our trademark filter system, with three filters included in the bass, to add bass, to boost treble or come as close to the Artist's vision as possible. 

At Rock Jaw, we're focused on after-care and putting the customer first. We include free international shipping on our earphones AS STANDARD and we answer all calls here in the UK, as well as constantly check email and get back to our customers. Hopefully, you now know a little more about us here at Rock Jaw Audio, and please feel free to get in touch with any feedback or customer service queries!