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What Our Tuning Filters Mean and Why We Chose Them

We feel the Rock Jaw Audio brand has become known for a few things by now, but two of the more common things would have to be value for money and our tuning filter system. Both of these are something we feel strongly about, and while everyone can see a good deal when they find it, not everyone will know what our trademark tuning filters are all about. We recently added a page to our site explaining them, but we thought our blog would be a great place to go into some further detail. 

Where the Resonate is concerned - pictured above - we have three tuning filters included; Energy (in Green), Emotion (in Blue) and Fusion (in Yellow). These tuning filters alter the sound as it comes out of the driver before it hits your ears. The Fusion filter is basically the Resonate out of the box, the original flavour. Designed to deliver what the artist intended, the Fusion is best for those that want to hear everything the way it was intended. For those that want a little boom and a little more punch, the green coloured Energy filter is their friend, it adds more bass and warms up the sound signature a little. If the Fusion or the Energy filters aren't sounding right to you, then the Emotion filter will add more treble and boost that high-end and add a little more detail.

The Alfa Genus V2 also comes with tuning filters that do the same as those included in the Resonate. Three colours are included here as well; Silver, Black and Gold. To hear the Alfa Genus V2 as it is out of the factory, the Gold, natural filter is what you want. For more oomph, the Silver filter adds some more Bass and warms things up. For Treble lovers, the Black filter is what you'e looking for, boosting that high-end and adding some more detail.

We think that the tuning filters offer even more value for our customers. After all, it's not every day that you can purchase a pair of earphones that's really a 3-in-1 deal is it? Not only that, but the tuning filters are totally replaceable, which means that if you've been listening to your Resonate 24/7 - as we hope you have been! - then they might be a little clogged up and worse for wear. Nine times out of ten this is just dust and pocket lint clogging things up. With the Resonate or Alfa Genus V2 you can just replace these filters to refresh your favourite pair of earphones.