Why Getting a Good Seal is Important With Earphones

Why Getting a Good Seal is Important With Earphones

Here at Rock Jaw Audio, we've come to understand that not everyone's ears are the same and that everyone hears differently. Unlike full-sized headphones, earphones are a lot less powerful, and don't feature large diaphragms, making them more sensitive. Which is why it's so important to make sure you get a good seal with your earphones. A good "seal" when using earphones, refers to making sure that the eartips you've chosen are a good fit for you, and that you've isolated all ambient noise as best you can. 

A common mistake that people new to earphones make is that they think the eartips fitted out of the box are good enough. For the majority of people, they might be, but a change for a lot of listeners out there can make a world of difference. Using an eartip that feels a struggle to get into your ear means that you're using something that's too large. A smaller eartip will help give a deeper insertion into your ear, and deliver a better seal. A better seal will deliver deeper bass, clearer highs and a much better sound overall. This sort of close seal also means that you'll drown out more ambient noise, making sure that you can enjoy your music as it was meant to be. 

A pro-tip for our Rock Jaw Audio customers, whether you're using the new Resonate or the Alfa Genus V2 is to try out the foam eartips included in the box. How you use the foam eartips is to roll and press them until they're much smaller than their original size and insert into your ear. Then, the heat in your ear will cause the foam to expand slightly, stopping when they fit your ear perfectly. These are the best ear tips for fit as well as sound isolation. For those that need some more eartips, we're always happy to send out some more, and they're available from our online store, too.