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Why our tuning filters actually work.

One of the big reasons that customers keep on coming back to us and recommending products.  We explained what each of these do in an earlier post, and while you might think these are gimmicks, this post is here to explain why that's just not true. When we decided to offer something above and beyond the usual earphones on the market, we settled on the tuning filter system to offer some flexibility and to appeal to a wider audience. 

It's arguable to say that the driver configuration inside (the driver) can't be changed too much through the use of a filter, but subtlety is the key here. After all, a little treble can mean much more detail to one person, but sound too harsh to another. Which is exactly why we provide three options in the box. When a customer purchases a pair of earphones like the Resonate from Rock Jaw Audio, they get flexibility and choice. Everyone hears things the same and for this reason we chose to develop our tuning filters to be as effective as we can.

Our tuning filters are precision engineered and CNC milled from the same aircraft grade aluminium we use in the shells for products like the Alfa Genus V2. On top of that, each of the tuning filters feature a rubber gasket to ensure an airtight seal, which both ensures a quality sound and ensures safety, too. All of our tuning filters screw in with ease and are super-easy to change, while our packaging gives you an opportunity to keep your filters safe when not in use.

A gimmick is something that attracts attention, something that feels part of a fad. Our tuning filters are anything but an attention grabber. They set our product aside from the rest and they offer a little more value, while ensuring that the set of earphones you've paid for suit you.