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Why Rock Jaw Earphones are Summer Essentials

Why Rock Jaw Earphones are Summer Essentials

Now that the summer is officially here, and many will be heading out on their summer holidays, many of us are going to have a lot of free time on our hands. Listening to music while out running - to get in shape for the beach - or getting some relaxation on the flight out with your favourite songs is all about of enjoying the summer. While many of you might think that you need to go out and spend a lot on a pair of earphones to get that summer soundtrack, with Rock Jaw Audio, that isn't the case. 

The Resonate, for example, features a double-driver configuration with a Dynamic and Balanced Armature pairing to deliver excellent sound while offering excellent value for money, too. Not only does the Resonate feature punchy bass and clear highs for all those songs that give you that summer feeling, but they're a surprisingly versatile pair as well. After all, when traveling, or using earphones for exercise, accidents can happen. Should the Resonate fail on you in any way, our excellent customer service is more than willing to take care of you, and if we look at the Resonate on its own, the detachable cable makes mishaps less costly. Should you catch or cut the cable for whatever reason on your travels - you can just purchase another one before you leave, or better yet, take a spare with you! 

Something else that makes the Rock Jaw Audio line of products unique is of course our tuning filter system - neatly explained here - and when traveling, this allows you to experience your favourite songs while bringing out their key characteristics. Want to listen to some Rap or Hip Hop with more punch? Just add the Green filter to add more energy. Being able to change the sound of your earphones is like bringing a whole new system on holiday with you, without having to pay the extra baggage for it! On top of that, however, these tuning filters can extend the life of your Rock Jaw product. Let's say you get them full of sand on the beach or something, well that's no problem as you get three in the box - as well as a pouch to keep all your earphones and filters in. As always, should you lose a filter or two, we have spares available in our online store.