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Why We Chose MMCX and What it Means for You

Why We Chose MMCX and What it Means for You

If you've been awesome to purchase a pair of Resonates already, then you might know all about its detachable  - and therefore replaceable - cable. For those still on the fence, or looking to learn more about the MMCX connector and why we chose it, this blog post should hopefully help give you a little more insight. 
The MMCX connector itself was developed during the 1990s - not unlike some of the greatest music ever (maybe) - and is commonly found in WiFi cards and AV equipment. It's an RF connector, which makes it well-suited to the world of earphones, and has steadily been used in consumer-grade earphones and in-ear monitors for years now. It's a tight, secure and common connector to use. All reasons why we chose to use MMCX. For those that aren't satisfied with the cabled included in the box with the Resonate, they can explore the world of aftermarket earphone cables, of which there are many, in all kinds of colours, lengths and qualities. We couldn't possibly develop all the different colours and designs that are out there and still offer the Resonate at its great price, so we chose MMCX to give our customers the ultimate choice. 
Value and customer service are other key reasons we went with the MMCX connector - and while we're use it on future products - as it becomes a replaceable part of the earphones. So, too do the left and right earphones, making it super-easy for someone to replace the cable if they've had an accident, and even easier for us to send out replacements to our customers should something go wrong. 
The MMCX cable is a trusted and proven connector that's used throughout the industry. We could have been different and chosen a proprietary connector as some brands do, but what would have been the point? To do something a little different and make a less popular, less accessible product? We chose MMCX for a reason, because it offers our customers more,