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Rock Jaw Audio

Our Story


Rock Jaw Audio was founded in 2012 from the bedroom of a music fanatic. Trading was established in rural Leicestershire. 

The goal of Rock Jaw Audio has remained the same since day one: Exceed expectations in every part of the business, delivering uncompromised quality for our customers.

It is a commonly held view that quality of headphones is commensurate with the cost. We believe that this is not necessarily true and have set out to challenge this claim.


Rock Jaw Audio products are the embodiment of quality, both in sound and build. Whether you are listening to music or watching a movie, we want you to have the most immersive and enjoyable audio experience possible.

We set out to push the boundaries of technology, to maximise your listening experience at an accessible price point. There is plenty of innovation in the headphone world but not nearly enough focus on the most important feature – great sound.


All of our products undergo a lengthy development and testing process before nestling snugly in your ears. We know that there are different requirements for a variety of genres of music – something reflected in the Rock Jaw Audio team alone!

Once we’ve designed, built and internally tested our products we then begin the external independent testing process.  

In order to achieve the best results, our testers encompass a range of ages and preferences. We take their feedback very seriously and update the product before releasing to the general public. This testing extends to recording artists, DJs and even producers to ensure our products are fit for the professionals too!


At Rock Jaw Audio we continue to develop our products, to improve on what we have already created. There are other projects in the pipeline which we are itching to share with you but only once we are totally happy. 

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